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Print & Shipping Info

The Originals

My originals come with a signature and are labeled with a drop of my blood. I also make a single HC (hors commerce) copy for my personal archives and exhibitions, with my signature and branded HC / I.

Limited Editions

I resume the ancient tradition of producing only a limited number, 30 copies, which I monitor, sign and number by hand. After these 1 + 1 + 30 copies have been created, I destroy all files related to the original to ensure that the original cannot be restored.

However, in some contexts, I may use this artwork on a reduced scale along with several other artworks in a collage, see examples on this website. This collage will be sold and treated and destroyed in the same manner as described above.

A Drop Of Blood

A Drop Of Blood is a fairly simple concept. This is my way of proving the originality of my print. For each individual original, I spill a drop of my blood on the back of the print. This gives a genetic “original proof” for all future. In that way, everyone who owns an original will be able to genetically prove that it’s an original from me.

Shipping info
All of my Fine Art prints are shipped in a durable and secure cardboard postal tube via UPS. BigCartel does not currently provide automatic shipping notifications but every effort is made to despatch orders 3-5 working days after they are placed. Delivery times after that can, of course, vary depending on where you live.