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Children’s Cancer Fund

Of personal gratefulness, I donate 10% of my income to the Swedish Children’s Cancer Fund.

A few days after I was born, the doctors discovered something was wrong with me. I had cancer. So, nine days after my birth I was lying there with my newly found brain tumor removed. Now we have to remember, at this time being, a brain tumor usually led to death.

After surgery, the surgeon told my parents that the operation was a failure, your baby will not have any possibility to survive. I was transferred to a special care department for children who were expected to die. A deeply depressing place with many suffering children. My parents couldn’t stand it, they brought me home.

After a couple of weeks, the hospital phoned my parents. They wanted to test a new directly mortal cocktail of toxins on me. Since I was newborn, my reparability was much bigger than for an adult person. I had a 30% chance of surviving. That made my mother confused. Either he dies, or survives, I think there is a 50% chance of survival, she said. As you’ve probably figured out, I fixed my mother’s wish for a 50% survival.

Even if this toxin & all the amazing doctors fixed my brain it is thanks to my parents & family’s constant flow of love & play at the hospital that I really live my life. Because after all, it is our thoughts that determine how we choose to live our lives. Therefore, you and I contribute with 10% of this store’s income to the Cancer Fund which hopefully will return the same hope and love as my parents gave me.

Me in the hospital